– Our group hardwork ๐Ÿ™‚ –

Finally, we are done with our video assignment that gave us headache. We presented our video last Thursday and today, we handed in the CD where we put all our assignments in so that major Jasmy will have a copy of our work.

Yeahoooooooooooo~ It’s final week of lecture of sem 2 in ukm.Next week will be our precious study week..a week later, EXAM WEEK!

Below is my timetable for exam: 12/4, 14/4, 16/4, 21/4, 22/4

Gambateh my friends ๐Ÿ™‚

– Another awesome video porduced by Syai, Iwan, Dwee & Alia –


Today’s lecture was a continuation from last week’s lecture. Dr Arba’at continued his lecture about integration of ICT in education. ย He gave lecture on few aspects today since we had only an hour for the lecture. As usual, he gave examples and elaboration for each point. The lecture was about roles of ICT in P&P, forms of ICT, reasons to integrate ICT and also the skills that are employed.

However, the best part of the lecture came right at the end of the lecture, which was my all-time favourite part: video!

Dr Arba’at showed us a cute animation from his previous students. It was about animation and movement. Like what Dr Arba’at had told us, it can be used perfectly in language classes since it attracts attention for sure!

-sharing of an animation video:)-

At very last minute, my group has merged with Ana, Yana, Shan and Jacq’s group due to some changes in our group. Kavin has got course exemption for educational technology and this made our group left with 2 members ONLY, me and lisa. Thus, we really felt that we cannot do much when it’s too few people and we definitely are short of ideas, IT knowledge, time etc. So, we contacted Major Jasmy and kindly asked him for permission of joining other group and form a group of 6 people in a group. Fortunately, Major agreed and we were so much relieved! After settling everything, we finally met up and discussed about the story board and division of work.

The ttime constraint is driving us crazy and we felt really stress when the deadline is coming so soon! We negotiated with Major and he actually agreed to postponed it to next week! Thank God! ๐Ÿ™‚

So now, we have more time to work on it, ย and I think we are going to make it better! All the best and aja aja fighting! ๐Ÿ™‚

-My beloved groupmates ๐Ÿ™‚ where am I? I am the photgrapher! :P-

Today’s lecture was conducted by Dr Arba’at Hassan and the topic of the lecture is integration of teaching aids in teaching and learning process. Dr Arba’at came to class on time but not everyone was there by 8am. So, we waited a while before he started the lecture.

Basically, Dr Arba’at talked about ICT in teaching and learning. He started off the lecture by having rather long set induction so that we are clear of what we are going to learn for the day. After that,ย  he lectured on definition of ICT and teaching style: whether it is student-centered or teacher-centered.

Besides that, Dr Arba’at also mentioned something about definition of science and technology, full name for ICT which inculcate some kind of thinking during lecture. Lecture can be 2 ways interaction also, and not just teacher talking all the time.

Furthermore, Dr Arba’at also talked about ICT and Dasar Pembangunan Negara ke-7, on the concept and its application. Other than that, the concept of smart school and pembestarian sekolah have also been discussed. Dr Arba’at had showed us few pictures on schools that are equipped and provided with ICT infrastructure.ย  The last slide was about intergration of ICT and its roles and forms. Dr will continue with his lecture next weekย  since he still has many topics that need to be covered and everyone had to leave by 9am as most of them had other classes at 9am.


There was no tutorial on thursday. The good news was we had to submit all our assignments next thursday!!

We had to present our teaching aids and video assignment next week! And also not to forget, we are required to burn our previous tutorial tasks into a cd and that takes up 10%. There are so many things to be done this weekend. I have micro teaching and educational technology assignments to be completed! aja aja fighting….gambateh! ๐Ÿ™‚

For week 10, I had tutorial and lecture as usual. I shall start off with tutorial first.

We started the class late, around 9.30am. What we did for the tutorial was editing a brochure that was given by Major Jasmy on the spot. Basically, the brochure is about SKEPEN 2010, a “seminar kebangsaan pendidikan”. There are many information on the brochure like participation form, details regarding the seminar (day, date, venue & time) and brief elaboration on the seminar (background, themes & objective).

We were asked to edit few parts of the brochure to make it better. There were few parts that need to be changed such as the fonts used, colour of certain fonts, adjusting alignment, adding borders and etc. After we completed the brochure, we sent it via email to Major Jasmy. That’s all for the tutorial on 4/3/2010.

The lecture on the next day was conducted by Dr Rosseni with her son being the personal assistant. Actually,ย  she is sipposed to have lecturw with us only during week 13. But, since another lecturer is not around, so she took over this week’s lecture and gave lecture on educational technology:

(1) The current definition of technology and educational technology.

(2) Advantages of educational media.

(3) The Web 2.0 application

(4) Aligning technology with learning.

(5) WordPress vs Others.

(6) Design with CASPER technique.

(7) Integration of media.

Besides the slides, Dr Rosseni also showed us 2 videos on related to the topic. The first video entitled “The machine is using us”. Those 2 videos are nice and creative! Both of the videos are done by the same person, Michael Wesh, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology. There is another video (1 hour) by him also which Dr Rosseni asked us to watch by ourselves because it is quite long. The effects that are used in the video are amazing.

I believed that everyone was more alert when Dr Rosseni mentioned about the format for our finals! This also indicates that finals is pretty close already! In 4 more weeks time…will be study week already! The exam format is as below:

-40 objective questions

-1 essay

Praying hard that the exam will be ok as what Dr Rosseni said.

Tasks need to be done: Multimedia project (done with shooting, but need to edit and produce the complete video), non-electronic teaching aid (planning done, waiting to gather all materials and start doing it next week after I finish doing my micro teaching).

Goodluck to myself and my fellow friends! Jia you ๐Ÿ™‚

Picture of the day (taken in HPA)

– Green makes my mood better ๐Ÿ™‚ How about you?-

This is a belated reflection which I should do last week. *guilty* (since there was no lecture on that week due to public holiday, so I did my reflection on what I did for tutorial.)

After the chinese new year break, on 25th there was no tutorial on thursday since Major Jasmy wanted to give us more time to prepare for our teaching aids and also for our multimedia project (HPA). We went to see Major Jasmy on wednesday, hoping to ask him about procedures to go to HPA. Fortunately, we saw him while we walking out from our class. Then, we went to consult him about HPA and the procedures to get into the forest because few of my coursemates went, but ended up wasting their time because the place was locked!

After we talked to Major Jasmy, he kindly called PPP for enquiry and talked to the person-in-charge for HPA. Within a short period, Major Jasmy confirmed and told us that what we need to do was: go to Pusat Ko-k on thursday morning, 8am. The person-in-charge will be there waiting for us. How happy!!! So, I thought things are settled and what we have to do is just go there tomorrow morning, get some photo shoots, and settle the editing after that.

The next morning, on 25th February 2010,ย  the whole group of our tutorial went to pusat Ko-k at 8am. We went to the office and requested for going to HPA for some shooting. However, what we got was bad news! We MUST write a letter to them before they will approve and open the place for us to go in. We discussed, discussed but found no solution. Writing the letter seemed to be be the only way to get everything done by today. So, few of us went to pusat komputer at pusanika and wrote the letter, printed it and handed to the person-in-charge. Phew!!Everything was settled and few of us squeezed in Yana’s car to get to HPA. Thanks to her!! Else, I would take hours to reach there by foot.

My group which consists of Kavin, Lisa and me myself was the first group to get into HPA and we walked around HPA to get some photos and videos. I was shocked to see the “dead” HPA. Everything was in a mess, full of leaves and branches, being abandoned and limited attraction. I had higher expectation on HPA and thought that it will be a good place to carry out activities especially when Major Jasmy told us about the chalets thatย  are available there.

As we walked and explored the surroundings, I heard babi hutan! How if they just come to attack us since we are intruding their place now? *scary moment* Lisa took pictures along the way while Kavin was holding the video camera that we have borrowed from faculty. I held the tripod and took some pictures using my phone camera. The obstacles were not well-maintained where they were all covered with leaves, branches and mud.

Actually they have good facilities such as flying fox, obstacle, climbing wall, chalet, camping area and big space. However, everything was not in good condition because not many people use them. Hence, when there is no demand, there will be no maintenance and renovation since they have no bugdet to do so.

Walking around HPA was hectic. Lots of mosquitoes, not the normal mosquitoes that we see. They were all around the place! Once you are static, they would stick to your body like magnet. Somemore, they are really big and heavy with blood in their body. Besides this, the whole journey of taking photos and videos was tiring, made me really exhausted (sweating like waterfall!).

Around 10 something, we left the place since we were done by then. Thus,me and lisa ‘tumpang’ Yana’s car, once again!That’s all for my first visit to HPA, a very special one.

Look at the ants!ย  *goosebumps*

Nice kan? ๐Ÿ™‚

Focus on the size!

I just wanna share a touching video that I personally like it. It has nothing to do with educational technology but somehow it’s related to video and technology. This is how a video can convey messages and emotion through recordings.

Nice piece of work ๐Ÿ™‚